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Twin Cities Business - 2006
January - "The Great Communicator"
Business issues have nowhere the significance of the nuclear arms race, but President Ronald Reagan's effectiveness in communication and resolving conflict is a good example for all of us.  The way an organization communicates and resolves conflicts determines whether the conflict is useful.
February - "Wanted: Board Members"
Businesses in our communities need our guidance and wisdom more than ever before, and it concerns me that the quality of boards of directors may diminish or erode if we can’t attract the cream of the crop to sit around the board table.
March - "Metrics Gone Wild"
First-class managers know how to put quantitative metrics in context with the qualitative aspects of their businesses.
April - "When S*** Happens"
Peter Drucker said that the primary task of a company’s leaders is to make sure of its capacity for survival, but I’m afraid that most corporations are not prepared for an inevitable crisis.
May - "Eagle or Turkey?"
How do you make a turkey into an eagle? It’s not as simple as most think, because the difference between the two is found in leadership and the decisions they make.
June - "Michelangelo, Change Artist"
When Michelangelo turned a block of white marble into his famous David statue, it seemed an impossible task. Successfully leading organizations through major change can also seem impossible, but you can do it with the same vision, persistence, a sense of timing, and smart choices as Michelangelo.
July - "You're Fired!"
Firing people isn’t ever a pleasant experience—unless, of course, you’re Donald Trump starring in your own reality television show on NBC. He seems to relish the job, shouting, “You’re fired!” as he points his finger at the next unlucky apprentice candidate.
August - "Corporate Diplomats"
I often muse about the characteristics of corporate leaders as visionaries, strategic thinkers, change managers, ethical leaders, and decision makers. Now I’d like to add one more role to that list: diplomats.
September - "Yogi on Positioning"
One of the things I like about Yogi Berra is his ability to put words together in ways that nobody else would even think of doing. However, the power behind Yogi-isms is his simple logic.
October- "Gut-Level Leadership"
Instinct. Perception. Sixth sense. Gut feel. Call it what you want, just know that it’s a necessary characteristic of executive leadership.
November- "Intellectual Corporate Waste"
The term "corporate waste" is sometimes used in litigation to describe the egregious acts that get business leaders into trouble with their shareholders for wasting precious corporate assets. Executive officers spending company money on lavish parties and trips to exotic places in private jets or giving themselves loans that are never paid back are examples of corporate waste.
December- "Dreams Give Purpose To Action"
Maybe I’m becoming sentimental in my old age, because songs like “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and “Amazing Grace” give me lumps in my throat and tears in my eyes. Another song that affects me the same way is “The Impossible Dream,” written by Joe Darion for the musical Man of La Mancha.
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