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Twin Cities Business - 2002
January -" What’s Your Corporate DNA?"
Hiring people that match it is invaluable.
February - "Gambling With Strategy?"
Don't just spin the wheel to choose a direction for your business.
March - "The Art of Leadership"
A few opinions on what leadership is … and isn’t.
April - "Aiming for Perceived Value"
It's moot whether a company believes it delivers vale to its customers; what matters is whether customers perceive value.
May - "The Upside of Down"
Taking the first steps to turn around a troubled company is how to find the upside of down.
June - "When Inmates Run the Asylum"
Do you know how to recognize a dysfunctional organization?
July - "Feed the Eagles, Starve the Turkeys"
Portfolio segmentation is the key to success.
August - "The Failure of Success(ion)"
Neglect of succession planning in family-owned businesses is a pent-up crisis waiting to happen.
September - "Selling, The Lost Art"
Today's cutting-edge companies are redefining the role of the sales force to reinforce customer relationships and create value for customers.
October - "Corporate Ethics"
It's not about corporate ethics; its about people and their ethics. From the board room to the mailroom, it's about individual choices to do either the right thing or the wrong thing.
November - "The Annual Rain Dance"
Budgeting is a more useful ritual when strategy drives it, not vice versa.
December - "Win With What You’ve Got"
When times are tight, it's how you leverage your assets that matters.
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