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Ventures - 2000
February - "Winning is a Game of Inches"
History demonstrates that those who focus on the fundamentals, establish a solid ground game, and play under the coverage will consistently win.
March - "Top to Bottom"
When it comes to the bottom line, it is a healthy top line that counts.
April - "Go Green"
If easy money --- the kind with no strings attached, no pesky investor breathing down your neck, no one telling you how to run your baby --- seems too good to be true, it probably is.
May - "How to Manage the Future"
A true leader’s challenge is to manage the future, not simply to predict it.
June - "The High Cost of Poor Service"
Providing quality service costs a lot ... if you don't do it.
July - "The ABCs of ABL"
The in's and out's of asset-based lending.
September - "Of Green Slime and Intangible Assets"
Valuing intangible assets is a bit like scooping up Green Slime.
October - "Mission: Successful Failure"
Apollo 13 was called a "successful failure", and businesses with warning signs of trouble can learn from that mission.
December - "The Naked Truth About Profit"
The "P" word (profit) is essential and its importance should be out in the open.
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