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Ventures - 2001
January - "Temperature Rising"
How to prepare for a credit crunch.
February - "Fred's Story"
Managing and measuring productivity in a small business is not a simple task. It takes careful monitoring, measuring and managing of many key resources.
March - "The High Cost of Low Ethics"
If you don’t have a written corporate values and ethics statement that says in black and white what your standards of behavior are for your organization and what you will hold yourself accountable to, then your organization is just running in random motion, making up the rules along the way.
April - "Poor Communication Can Cost You"
When our firm assesses a troubled organization, we often find that declining sales and profits are only telltale symptoms of a larger problem in the company’s culture. Poor communication is usually one of those major culprits.
May - "Down Economy? Up Marketing!"
Surviving a poor economy requires returning to the fundamentals, including marketing.
June - "The Role of the Board of Directors in a Turnaround"
Many directors don’t realize that they have other fiduciary responsibilities and that the board of directors has an important role to play in a turnaround.
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