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Twin Cities Business - 2005
January - "An Open Letter to Employees"
Employers must invest in the skills of the workforce they currently have.
February - "New Year's Wishes For Good Service"
Most companies provide acceptable service most of the time, bad service some of the time, and really good service only rarely.
March - "Maria's Web"
Keep it simple, si? Get a firm grasp of four business basics: strategic direction, focused execution, shared values, and the structure of your organization. Then master four secondary elements: human capital, disruptive innovation, committed leadership, and acquired growth.
April - "The Value of Values"
There is a positive relationship across industries between social performance and financial performance.
May - "Unfinished Business"
I used to think that a good executive had a finger on the pulse of the business every waking moment. Now I've learned to find a balance.
June - "The Gravity of Innovation"
How many good ideas, like Art Fry’s concept for 3M Post-it Notes, are lost due to oppressive management?
July -" Why Save a Business?"
Damage to key stakeholder relationships – lenders, suppliers, employees --- can make corporate renewal unachievable.
August - "The Golden Fish"
Occupational fraud is one of the fastest-growing risks in business today. We must summon the strength to blow the whistles and end the silence.
September - "Running Against the Herd"
Why some companies are successful at doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing.
October -"Leadership Judo"
In a judo match, organizations heavy with bureaucracy are the big fat guy who gets easily thrown to the mat by the smaller, faster guy.
November - "Denoidance"
If denial and avoidance is the culture at your company, the board and management team are blocking improved performance
December - "Does Size Matter?"
One client was losing about $2 million annually on sales to its top 10 customers, who accounted for 40 percent of revenues.

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