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Twin Cities Business - 2004
January - "Taking the -ing Out of Marketing"
Marketing and sales can’t be the only departments that understand customer needs.
February - "How Deep Are Your Roots?"
Some companies believe that their core competency is low price or high quality. But what happens when a competitor makes products that are cheaper or better?
March - "Breach of Engagement"
If the CEO doesn’t give a damn about details or deadlines, why should anybody else? Leaders model what being engaged means.
April - "Thought Leadership"
You can safely give away some of your “science”, knowing that imitators won’t be able to reproduce the “art” of your implementation.
May - "Of Hiring and Horse Racing"
An old cliché applies when it’s turned around: Companies are known by the people they keep.
June - "Power: Abuse It, Lose It"
People determine whether or not they want to follow, and no one can be a leader without a following.
July - "Value Vis-à-vis Price – and Vice Versa"
There’s an emotional element to purchasing even the most mundane things, including toilet paper.
August -"Liquidity: Slip Slidin’ Away"
Economic trends are creating a liquidity squeeze.
September - "Is Honor a Bygone Value?"
We insulate ourselves with clauses like “workman-like manner” or “best efforts.”
October - "Passion: The Fifth P of Marketing"
Passionate marketing is like falling in love. It’s a crazy obsession with your product or service and your customers.
November - "The Courage of Leadership"
A work environment of trust and support inspires everyone in the organization to take intelligent risks that advance the enterprise.
December - "An Open Letter to Employees"
New jobs will be created that haven’t even been thought of yet, so employees need to be adaptable.
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